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ACMEScience NEWS NOW ep 2: Sally Dodson-Robinson

Samuel Hansen is a busy man. As well as finishing off Relatively Prime, he’s continually making up new ideas for podcasts. His latest effort is ACMEScience NEWS NOW1, a series of video interviews with the people behind scientific and mathematical research stories in the news.

We didn’t post about episode 1, with Paul Hines talking about crowdsourcing, due to it coming out in that weird bit of the Summer where all three of us fell asleep for a few weeks. But last night Sam posted episode 2 — an interview with Sally Dodson-Robinson about modelling planet formation — so here it is:

[youtube url=]

You can subscribe to the ACMEScience NEWS NOW channel on its YouTube page.

  1. yes, the title has more capitals than a particularly pillarific Medieval cathedral, but that seems to be the way Sam is doing things []

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