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Steven Strogatz series on “what math can reveal about us and our world”

Steven Strogatz has begun a six-part series in a New York Times blog. ‘Me, Myself and Math’ apparently “looks at us through the lens of math”. Steven explains that this will focus on

how the subject I love — math — relates to the subject we all love — ourselves.
From the DNA that encodes us, to the fingerprints that characterize us, to our place in the universe and our friend counts on Facebook, we are mathematical marvels. In the coming weeks we’ll see what math can reveal about us and our world, and at the same time, how the wonders of us have inspired advances in math.

The first outing, ‘Singular Sensations‘, discusses the topology in patterns on the body like hair and fingerprints.

Source: Me, Myself and Math.

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