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Math/Maths 122: Subliminal Mathematics

A new episode of the Math/Maths Podcast has been released.

A conversation about mathematics between the UK and USA from This week Samuel and Peter spoke about: Advent at Plus and Numberphile; Math Shows Penguins Only Care About Themselves; What Willy Loman Could Learn From the Birds and Bees; Mathematical Counseling for All Who Wonder Why Their Relationship Is Like a Sinus Wave; World Record Rubik’s Cube Solve; Your Unconscious Brain Can Do Math, Process Language; Enigma coding machine beats auction estimate in London; Petition: Implement a Policy for Declassifying Discoveries by NSA Mathematicians; The 100 Year Publishing Project; The Museum of Mathematics Tickets and First look; and more. Support the ACMEScience Kickstarter!

Get this episode: Math/Maths 122: Subliminal Mathematics

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