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Math/Maths 124: Potato The Mathematicial Genius

A new episode of the Math/Maths Podcast has been released.

A conversation about mathematics between the UK and USA from This week Samuel and Peter spoke about: Chinese dog is ‘maths genius,’ according to owner; MoMath Opening; Burgess primary school report; Rushed maths leads to ‘superficial’ learning; TIMSS 2011 International Results in Mathematics; Millions of adults have maths skills of a nine year-old; Math formula gives new glimpse into the magical mind of Ramanujan; Learning to code: do I need to be good at maths?; Second set of findings from 2011 census released; river valleys; Alan Turing: Scientists call for pardon for codebreaker; Christmas equations; & more.

Get this episode: Math/Maths 124: Potato The Mathematicial Genius

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