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Watch the LMS become very old, LIVE

Augustus_De_Morgan party

We haven’t properly mentioned until now that The London Mathematical Society is 150 years old this year. You can’t gather a whole society of mathematicians together without one or two of them noticing that 150 is a nice round number, and some form of celebration is in order.

Consequently, you can now head over to the LMS’s 150th Anniversary Celebratory Megaplex (they call it an “Interactive Page” but that’s so 90s), where there will be all sorts of live streams, starting with the launch event next Friday (the 16th of January), at 2pm GMT.

The cybermastery doesn’t end there: the LMS recently joined both Twitter and Instagram, posting on the latter pictures of sundry mathsy shapes, as well as this photo of inaugural LMS president Augustus De Morgan in party mood.

The fun doesn’t end there, of course – there’s a full programme of all the usual maths anniversary stuff, including meetings, exhibitions, and lectures, lectures, lectures. It’s all laid out in an article in the latest LMS newsletter (PDF).

Finally, there are the LMS’s annual prizes, with a couple of additions for the birthday year: The Hirst Prize and lectureship for the History of Mathematics, and a Prize for Communication of Mathematics. The rules say “the communication of ideas may be in any medium and the audiences involved may be of any age-group” and nominations close on the 20th of January. Just thought I’d communicate that to you.

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