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UK Open Sudoku and Puzzle Tournaments

Yes, I know Sudoku isn’t really maths, but anyone interested in puzzles might want to know about this event, held in Manchester next week.

The UK Puzzle Association is a non-profit organisation that selects the UK teams for the World Puzzle Championships and World Sudoku Championships, which this year will be held in Kraljevica, Croatia in October. The UKPA’s website is here, and they clearly know their puzzles, since they had nice things to say about PuzzleBomb.

History of Mathematics Undergraduate Essay Prize

The British Society for the History of Mathematics (BSHM) is running an undergraduate essay prize.

The British Society for the History of Mathematics is pleased to invite submissions for its 2011-12 undergraduate essay prize. The essay, which may be on any topic within the history of mathematics, should be between 2000-2500 words. The prize is open to any person who is enrolled as an undergraduate in a UK or Irish university during the academic year 2011-12. The value of the prize will be £100, plus one year free membership of the Society.

The deadline for receipt of submissions is 1st May 2012. Details of how to submit are available on the BSHM website.

Source: BSHM Undergraduate Essay Prize.

Turing-Tape Games: A Challenge in Algorithmic Problem Solving

To mark the Turing centenary (who isn’t?) a new competition has been launched:

To celebrate this centenary, we have developed a collection of one-person games played on a Turing tape.

An example is given on the competition website. According to a set of movement rules, the player must:

Construct a sequence of moves that when begun in a state with one coin on one of the squares of a Turing tape (and all other squares empty) ends with one coin at a displacement of 12 squares from the initial position (and all other squares empty).