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Deligne Day: October 5, 2013

A bit of press release copy-pasting for you now, as the Simons Foundation announced a celebration of the mathematics of Pierre Deligne. When the release first went out it was called ‘Deligne Day’, but cooler heads have prevailed and it’s now “A Celebration of the Mathematics of Pierre Deligne”. It’s also my dad’s birthday, as it happens.

Hyperbolic Hyperbolic Hyperbolic: Daina Taimina at the DUMBO Arts Festival 2013


Fans of hyperbolic crochet, and hyperbole, will be pleased to hear that Daina Taimina’s exhibit ‘Hyperbolic Hyperbolic Hyperbolic‘ is being shown at the DUMBO Arts Festival in New York, on 28 & 29 September. The show features examples of hyperbolic crochet, and invites visitors to experiment with their own hyperbolic crochet and paper creations.

More info (and an extensive selection of sexy hyperbolic crochet photos):

Hyperbolic Hyperbolic Hyperbolic, on the DUMBO Arts Festival website

via Daina Taimina on Twitter

Euclid’s Kiss: Geometric Sculpture of George Hart

George Hart is putting on a one-man show of his sculptures at Stony Brook University. He’s posted this video of him walking through the exhibition and describing the pieces on display.

[youtube url=]

George also gave a lecture to open the exhibition, which you can watch on the SCGP website.

Euclid’s Kiss: Geometric Sculpture of George Hart is on display at the Simons Center for Geometry and Physics during September and October.

More information: Euclid’s Kiss: Geometric Sculpture of George Hart

via George Hart on Google+

Maths at the Cheltenham Science Festival

Next week, scientists, science fans and science communicators will converge on Cheltenham town hall for a week of high-quality science festival. But how much of the programme is given over to the queen of all sciences, Mathematics? Here’s a list of some of the events going on we’d be interested in going to.

Travelling Salesman Movie London screening

We previously reported a Cambridge screening of the Travelling Salesman Movie, the “intellectual thriller about four of the world’s smartest mathematicians hired by the U.S. government to solve the most elusive problem in computer science history — P vs. NP”. Now the movie is being screened in London, by the City University London Student Union Computing Society (whose website charmingly has a command line interface). This will take place at City University London on the 18th of April 2013 at 6pm.

Here is the trailer:

[youtube url=]

More information:

Buy tickets (“Pay as you wish – £4 suggested Minimum”)

Travelling Salesman Movie official site

Interview with writer and director Timothy Lanzone on the Math/Maths Podcast.