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Land of the Rising Sums by Alex Bellos on Radio 4

You’ll probably want to listen to this programme presented by Alex Bellos.

Alex Bellos visits Japan, on a quest to discover why Asian cultures seem so much better at maths and numbers than many western countries. He looks at the cultural difference in the Japanese approach to numbers and asks whether there is something fundamental in Japanese culture that keeps them at the upper end of international numeracy league tables. Alex explores the language used to describe numbers themselves, the songs taught in schools to teach children their times tables, and the passion the Japanese still show for the ancient but foolproof abacus, even in the computer age. He visits the national abacus competition in Kyoto to see the incredible mathematical feats achieved by children as young as 5 and discovers why abacus users actually use a different part of the brain to most people doing mathematical problems, and whether this could be the key to their superior number skills.

It’s on iPlayer Radio, so should be available to you no matter where in the world you are.

Listen: Land of the Rising Sums on BBC Radio 4

Alex Bellos wants to know the world’s most random number

Alex Bellos, author of Alex’s Adventures in Numberland / Here’s Looking at Euclid, has started another survey about numbers, following his survey to find the world’s favourite number.

This time round, he wants “random” numbers. Answering the survey is very easy: just go to and type a number in the box.

Alex says he hopes to have the results ready by 2013.

Link: the random number survey

Source: Alex Bellos’s blog