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MacTutor History of Mathematics website creators honoured by LMS

Edmund Robertson & John O’Connor of the University of St. Andrews have been honoured by the London Mathematical Society for their pioneering MacTutor History of Mathematics website hosted at St. Andrews.

mactutor dudes

On 3rd July it was announced that both men have received the Hirst Prize, and Edmund Robertson has been been invited to give the associated Hirst Lectureship, all part of LMS 150th Anniversary celebrations.

Mathical books for kids award winners announced

mathical awards

US organisations the Mathematical Sciences Research Institute (MSRI) and the Children’s Book Council (CBC) have founded a youth book prize, called Mathical: Books for Kids from Tots to Teens. The prizes, awarded for the first time this year, recognise the most inspiring maths-related fiction and nonfiction books aimed at young people. This year, they’ve awarded a set of prizes for books released in 2014, as well as honouring books published been 2009 and 2014, plus two ‘hall of fame’ winners from the further past.

The John Riordan prize for the best solution to an unsolved problem in the OEIS

As mentioned previously, the Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences is 50 this year. To celebrate that fact, and to encourage readers to concentrate on filling in the gaps in the missing entries instead of just adding new ones, there’s a \$1,000 prize for the best solution to an open problem posed in an OEIS entry.

The announcement by OEIS creator Neil Sloane seems only to have been published as a PDF, so I’m reproducing it here for everyone’s convenience:

Scrooge McDuck in Mathmagic land

A sympathetic story for you this Saturday.

Andy has a problem. He can’t solve it on his own – he needs your help. This problem vexed Andy so much that he spent four years trying to solve it on his own, to no avail. It really is a very difficult problem. Finally in 1997, out of what must have been sheer desperation, Andy reached out to his fellow man: maybe some kindly type out there could find a solution to his problem, which he would gladly reward with a small consideration.

Can you help a soul in need?

The Royal Statistical Society 2013 honours

The Royal Statistical Society have announced their honours for 2013. RSSeNews has the list of recipients. The awards will be presented this September here at CP HQ, Newcastle-upon-Tyne.

Sir John Kingman, the former chairman of the Statistics Commission, was awarded the Guy Medal in Gold. The Guy Medal in Silver went to Brian Ripley for, in addition to his theoretical work, his ‘pivotal role’ in the open-source R environment. There’s more detail and very short citations in the RSSeNews article. Since we don’t have a statistician on staff: can anyone add any detail about any of the recipients?

Read more: Royal Statistical Society’s 2013 honours announced at RSSeNews