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Carnival of Mathematics 145


Carnival of Mathematics LogoWelcome to the 145th Carnival of Mathematics, hosted here at The Aperiodical.

If you’re not familiar with the Carnival of Mathematics, it’s a monthly blog post, hosted on some kind volunteer’s maths blog, rounding up their favourite mathematical blog posts (and submissions they’ve received through our form) from the past month, ish. If you think you’d like to host one on your blog, simply drop an email to and we can find an upcoming month you can do. On to the Carnival!

Tony Mann to lecture on ‘Computing Mathematics’ at Gresham College

Tony Mann from the University of Greenwich has been appointed Visiting Professor of Computing Mathematics at Gresham College, London. This means he will deliver a

series of free public lectures will look at the mathematics of computing, and the computing of mathematics. The lectures will consider what can go wrong, how computers sometimes get the wrong answer, and the ingenuity mathematicians have used in overcoming these inherent problems.  Since Gresham Professors such as Henry Briggs, Edmund Gunter and, more recently, Louis Milne-Thomson were pioneers in the mechanisation of computation, he is especially pleased to address these subjects at Gresham College.

Tony Mann on Atiyah and Villani at Tate Modern

Tony Mann attended the Atiyah/Villani(/Stewart) event at Tate Modern yesterday and wrote a review of this for his blog. He discusses several interesting ideas from the discussions – “a few that resonated with me” – including on problem solving, history and the practice of doing mathematics in relation to art, barriers and the place of blackboards.

Tony notes that the event was being recorded so we might look forward to a recording that can be viewed later.

Read Tony’s review: Atiyah and Villani at Tate Modern – the value of blackboards.

“Tenet” – Galois on stage

Tony Mann has written a review of the play ‘Tenet: A True Story About the Revolutionary Politics of Telling the Truth about Truth as Edited by Someone Who is Not Julian Assange in Any Literal Sense‘. Without wanting to spoil the review, which you can read as “Tenet” – Galois on stage on Tony’s Maths Blog, Tony concludes “if you can possibly see this play, I strongly recommend you do so”. The play is currently at the Gate Theatre, Notting Hill, London until May 26th.