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Gowers needs you for an experiment concerning mathematical writing

Do you know about metric spaces? Would you like to be the subject of an experiment? Then Timothy Gowers needs you!

Gowers put a post on his weblog this morning containing five propositions to do with metric spaces, along with three write-ups of proofs of each proposition. He’s looking for feedback on how easy or hard to understand each write-up is, as well as how well-written they were.

If you’ve some time to spare, go and take part in the experiment over at Gowers’s weblog.

2 Responses to “Gowers needs you for an experiment concerning mathematical writing”

  1. Avatar Sue VanHattum

    I don’t know much about this sort of thing, but I’m pretty sure there’s a typo in the first one (1a). That definitely makes it harder to read, and probably wasn’t intended. I tried to mention it in a comment, but I think he’s purposely not looking at those yet. I don’t see a way to email him.

    • Avatar Christian Perfect

      From Gowers: he is reading the comments, but just holding them in moderation for a while.

      Silly me thought that comments were turned off on the post, but the box is just very pale at the bottom of the page.


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