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I resign

I have had enough. My jealous “partners” on this site, Peter and Katie, have for too long refused to take seriously my VERY IMPORTANT mathematical ideas. I do not know if they are working for THEM and are trying to suppress my TRUTH-WORDS or if they are just too stupid-unenlightened to see the brilliance of my work,, but I have decided enough is enough.

I am resigning from this site immediately so I can spend all of my time perfecting my UNIVERSAL EQUIVALENCE THEORY which has already revealed so many secrets previously hidden from my eyes.

Please read my latest paper, A Universal-Equivalent Proof of the Riemann Hypothesis (Primes Theorem) and if you, unlike Katie or Peter (Peter = Petrus = BLOOD FROM A ROCK) can see the importance of this sine qua non ex nihilis then please join me at my new site, once my new hosts have secured it to my specifications. I will divulge its address when I am sure it is safe.

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