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πkm run challenge – completed

As a final update, I’ve now finished my πkm running quest. I’m very tired now! Thanks to everyone who has donated at, spread the word about it, come running with me or otherwise facilitated this.

Here’s the final set of photos and video clips from the last week, and for the data fiends among you, a sneaky look at my spreadsheet of runs. With a graph, as requested by Hannah Fry.

Day 24: Paul and I (I'm not small, I'm just far away) ran round the canals again together. 24 min, ~3.4km. #pikmdotrun

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Next up was this stroke of genius:

Day 26: Over £850 raised now – can we get me to £1k before the end of March?

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Day 28: Efficiently combined a run with Dad to pay in a cheque at the bank, and ran back along the canal. Three more to go!

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Day 29: Another team effort, with @alisonatkin for company. Nearly there!

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This final run video shows clips and photos from a bunch of the days, plus my triumphant final approach on Day 31:

31 πkm runs completed! Here's a video.

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There’s still time to chuck a final £3.14 on the pile at, if you haven’t already. Thanks again to everyone! Now I’m going for a sit down.

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