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MathsJam expands yet again

Gradually, gradually, the mathematicians are taking over the world. Having already conquered (by which I mean ‘colonised pubs once a month’) in places as far-flung as Melbourne, Houston, Bombay and Edinburgh, MathsJam will be making its debut in Cape Town, South Africa on Tuesday February 19th.

In MathsJam resurrection news, the Bath MathsJam is also back from the dead, with a new organiser (hello, Patrick!) taking the reins. It too – like all of the other MathsJams – will be on the penultimate Tuesday of the month. Every month.

A MathsJam is an informal gathering of people with some kind of interest in maths, from teachers to professionals to students to authors to engineers to interested laypeople to passers-by who want to know what’s going on with the Pringles tubes. Puzzles and games are the order of the evening, and you definitely don’t need to know your $x$ from your $\times$ to win at Set. There’s also an annual conference in Cheshire in November.

You can find details of your local MathsJam at, or by asking the mysterious @MathsJam twitter account. If there isn’t one near you… why not set one up? Email to find out more.

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