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Mathematical Obituaries, December 2018

As 2018 drew to a close, we sadly lost several pioneering figures in mathematics. UPDATE: We have sadly also lost Rich Haberman, added 14/1/19.

Happy Thirdsday!

Today is the third of January, and the third day of the year – and since this year it also falls on a Thursday, making for excellent pun opportunities, a group of mathematicians including Jim Propp, Evelyn Lamb, Zoe GriffithsBen Orlin, Matt Parker and several others have chosen to use today to celebrate the number $\frac{1}{3}$ (and in America, you’d even write the date as 1/3). Today is officially Thirdsday! Celebrate by:

I personally will be sketching the middle third Cantor set, as it’s my favourite fractal.

Not Mentioned on The Aperiodical, 2018

We’ve had a bit of a break over the holidays, but mathematical news stops for no mince pie. From new prime numbers to mathematical doodling challenges, here’s a round-up of some of the facts/stories that we’ve seen while trying not to do any work.

Particularly mathematical New Years Honours 2019

It’s that time of year when we take a look at the UK Government’s New Years Honours list for any particularly mathematical entries. Here is the selection for this year – any more, let us know in the comments and we’ll add to the list. 

  • Tim Harford, journalist and presenter of BBC Radio programme More or Less, appointed OBE for services to Improving Economic Understanding.
  • Deirdre Houston, Deputy Principal, Northern Ireland Statistics and Research Agency, appointed OBE for services to Integrated Education in Randalstown. 
  • Valsa Koshy, Emeritus Professor, Brunel University and mathematics education researcher, appointed MBE for services to Education.

Get the full list here.

Number Day 2019: maths-inspired fundraising for NSPCC

Number Day 2019

The National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC) has announced 1st February 2019 as ‘Number Day 2019’, saying:

It’s maths, but not as you know it.
Join thousands of schools for a mega maths-inspired fundraising day and raise money for the NSPCC.
Whether you dedicate a day or an hour to being a maths maverick, every pound you raise counts towards our fight for every childhood.

Schools that register get digital resources to use in class, fundraising tips, maths activities, posters and safeguarding teacher resources.

Number Day 2019 at NSPCC.

Steckles on QI!

Katie Steckles talking to Sandi Toksvig on QI

Our Katie was on BBC Two last night! As part of the QI Christmas special, Katie told that old chestnut about infinitely many mathematicians walking into a bar.

Viewers in the UK can see the show on the iPlayer; Katie’s segment starts about 12 minutes in.