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Reframe by Adam Scales, Pierre Berthelomeau, Paul van den Berg

Capula Expanded Dodecahedron by Pedro Reyes

Capula Expanded Dodecahedron, by Pedro Reyes

Curved Crease Sculptures by Erik and Martin Demaine

Curved Crease Sculptures by Erik and Martin Demaine:

The shapes remind me of the Danse Serpentine.

MAA Mathematical Petting Zoo

A figure 8 knot, a Temari ball with cuboctahedral symmetry and a Klein bottle in the MAA's mathematical petting zoo

The MAA recently displayed a mathematical petting zoo at the USA Science & Engineering Festival, along with a slideshow of pictures from their MAA Found Math collection.

The page about the event doesn’t have any pictures on it but it does have lots of links to the artists and their portfolios. The usual suspects are represented — non-orientable manifolds and polyhedra are in abundance — but there are a couple of unfamiliar objects, and they’re all pleasing to look at and think about.

(via MAA Found Math on Flickr)

Trace Heavens by James Nizam

Trace Heavens by James Nizam:

The Cryptographer by Raw Color

The Cryptographer by Raw Color: