About the Aperiodical

The Aperiodical is a meeting-place for people who already know they like maths and would like to know more.

It was begun by Katie Steckles, Christian Perfect and Peter Rowlett as a shared blogging outlet and grew out of our desire to have a place on the web where we could keep up to date with what’s going on elsewhere, and to share the mathematical things we do.

Photo of Peter, Katie and Christian standing in front of a white brick wall. Peter is a white man with glasses, a beard and short brown hair; Katie is a white woman with purple hair and a pac-man t-shirt; Christian is a white man with short brown hair and glasses and a maths t-shirt on

L-R: Peter Rowlett, Katie Steckles, Christian Lawson-Perfect

Some basic principles:

  • Content is aimed at the mathematically literate. This doesn’t mean knowledge of advanced mathematics is required, but we aren’t going to rewrite articles to avoid mentioning mathematical terms and we won’t go too far out of our way to explain things which are easily googled. We know that nobody is expert in all aspects of mathematics but we aren’t going to be afraid to mention stuff that doesn’t come up until university.
  • We’re not keen on unhelpful attention-grabbing headlines: if the press release says “Alex the Parrot Was A Mathematical Genius” when the story is “Alex the parrot could count to eight”, we’ll use the latter.
  • That said, this is just a place to enjoy maths. Let’s not be grumps.


If you’ve got some maths you’d like to share, you can do it here. To get in contact with us about something else, please email us.

About the Editors

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4 Responses to “About the Aperiodical”

  1. Avatar Chris

    Thank you for doing this!

    As a child, I was told I was poor at math(s), and so came to loathe the subject. As an adult. I have come to love it, and bitterly regret not persuing it more during my education. Blogs like this enrich my life and expand my mind, so again, thank you!

  2. Avatar Bill Richardson

    Came across you after hearing last night of Zeeman’s death. I’m a retired maths teacher and came to know him during his time as President of The Mathematical Association. He was a wonderful man and the world of mathematics is much poorer for his passing.

  3. Avatar Ellie Kesselman

    I just learned of Nick Berry’s death; he passed away in October 2022. Nick was a brilliant, kindly man. I have mathematics degrees although I’ve mostly worked in applied probability theory. I read the Data Genetics blog since 2011, and finally met Nick online for the first time in 2021.

    Nick was the host of Episode 125 of Carnival of Mathematics in 2015. Thank you for recognizing his talent.


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