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Recreational Maths Seminar this Sunday at 7pm GMT

There was no Recreational Maths Seminar last Sunday because I had a confluence of work, family stuff and overknackeredness from MathsJam the week before. The coming weekend should be considerably less busy, so let’s have our second seminar this Sunday, the second of December, at 7pm GMT. That’s 2pm EST (New York), 11am PST(California) and 6am EDT (Eastern Australia, on the 3rd of December).

Recreational Maths Seminar – Picture-hanging puzzles

I hosted the first (proper) Aperiodical recreational maths seminar yesterday. We discussed the paper Picture-hanging puzzles, by Demaine et al. Click through to watch the YouTube recording of the session.

Recreational Maths Seminar next Sunday at 7pm GMT

Having gathered a few data points about people’s availability for the recreational maths seminar, and heavily weighted towards my own, it looks like weekend evenings are the most convenient times for everyone to get together for the recreational maths seminar. So, let’s say 7pm GMT on Sunday evening, the 11th of November. That’s 2pm EST (New York), 11am PST (California) and 6am EDT (Eastern Australia, on the 12th of November).