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Recreational Maths Seminar – Seven Staggering Sequences

Yesterday I hosted another recreational maths seminar on Google+. I had a lot of fun! We discussed the paper, Seven Staggering Sequences (PDF), by Neil Sloane. In the paper Sloane, the man behind the fantastic Online Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences, described seven of the sequences he found most especially interesting.

The Hangout was just under an hour and a half long, and we managed to get through five of the seven sequences. Some of them are really hard to understand!

[youtube url=]

In future seminars, Kannappan Sampath has offered to lead us through something to do with the “kissing number” problem discussed in Sloane’s paper, and John McKenna has suggested “Recounting the rationals” by Calkin and Wilf.

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See the list of papers we’ve discussed in the Mendeley group.

Spend a day browsing the Online Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences.

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