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Recreational Maths Seminar this Sunday at 7pm GMT

There was no Recreational Maths Seminar last Sunday because I had a confluence of work, family stuff and overknackeredness from MathsJam the week before. The coming weekend should be considerably less busy, so let’s have our second seminar this Sunday, the second of December, at 7pm GMT. That’s 2pm EST (New York), 11am PST(California) and 6am EDT (Eastern Australia, on the 3rd of December).

The idea is that we’ll all pile into a Google+ hangout and discuss a fairly accessible paper on a fun subject. The paper I’ve picked for this week is Seven Staggering Sequences, by Neil Sloane. Sloane is the man behind the incredible Online Encyclopedia of Integer Sequences, and in this paper he talks about seven sequences he finds particularly interesting.

I’m going to assume no background knowledge, so don’t be dissuaded from joining in if the paper looks too dense at first glance. The aim of the seminar is for everyone to get something out of it, and learn some real maths in a fun setting.

If you’d like to take part, please join the Google+ event.


Google+ event

The previous seminar, on “Picture-hanging puzzles”

Collection of discussed papers, on Mendeley

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