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Fractal Christmas Trees – Your Photos

Hardenhuish School
Having posted about Matt Parker’s Fractal Christmas Tree last week, we’ve had quite a few photos of completed trees sent in! Here’s a Tony Hart gallery-style roundup of them.

The one above was emailed to us by a teacher at Hardenhuish School. Various other schools (and off-duty teachers) posted their efforts on Twitter:






We also built one ($\sqrt 2$ scale) at Manchester MathsJam, which can be seen here:

Sheffield MathsJam built this adorable version, and donated it to the pub:


And finally, Cambridge MathsJam were dreaming of a white Christmas tree:

Cambridge tree


If you manage to build one (at home, with your family? What a great activity for over Christmas!) then feel free to send us your pictures too. Photos cannot be returned, and even if we don’t post it here, we do look at everything you send. The original post with links to the worksheets for printing can be found here.

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