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Matheliebe exhibition in Liechtenstein

Liechtenstein is a tiny, mountain-top country with the population of a medium-sized town and a football team routinely thrashed by everyone who encounters them (except for Scotland, of course). You’d be forgiven for thinking little ever happened there.

But you’d be wrong! There is maths in Liechtenstein! The National Museum in Vaduz (page in German) is hosting a pretty awesome-looking exhibition called MatheLiebe.

The exhibition covers the classical ground that maths museums cover – fractals, power laws, Archimedes, reflections and real-world applications, for a start – and there are English-language worksheets to download from the MatheLiebe website.

The exhibition runs until April 7th, and since I know many Aperiodical readers routinely commute through the Alps, I’m sure many of you would be glad to drop in to Vaduz and leave us a review of what’s there.

More information

MatheLiebe exhibition website

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