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Cédric Villani’s Birth of a Theorem is Radio 4 Book of the Week

Birth of a Theorem, the autobiographical book by French mathematician and (spoiler) Fields Medallist Cédric Villani, is Book of the Week on BBC Radio 4 this week, read by non-French non-mathematician Julian Rhind-Tutt. Villani also appeared on discussion show Start the Week on Monday, talking about ‘the mathematical mind’ along with mathematician Vicky Neale; Morgan Matthews, director of kid-does-maths film X+Y; and novelist Zia Haider Rahman.

Start the Week is available indefinitely on the Radio 4 website and in podcast form, and Book of the Week for thirty days after broadcast, after which Birth of a Theorem is available in printed and e-ink forms, read by your own voice in your head rather than Tom Boss, and complete with entire pages of raw-TeX-code-filled emails and unexplained equations which presumably will not make the cut for audio broadcast. If you finish it, why not help Cédric out with his Amazon page: it seems not many people have made it to the end so far.


More information

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Birth of a Theorem by Cédric Villani

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