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MAA Mathematical Pumpkins

The Mathematical Association of America asked its Facebook fans to send in pictures of their mathematical pumpkins. They answered the call admirably!

You can see the pictures at the MAA’s Facebook page. I particularly like the honeycomb one.

Starburst by Tim Locke

Tim Locke displayed his geometric metalwork at the 2012 Bridges conference.

via Mr Honner

Factor Conga

Quite a few designery visualisations of the prime numbers have been put out on the web recently, to varying degrees of success. Most of the time they look pretty but don’t tell you very much; the most recent example I can think of is El Patrón de los Números Primos by Jason Davies.

A few weeks ago Brent Yorgey posted on his excellent blog The Math Less Traveled some really nice “factorization diagrams“, along with the code to produce them. Straight away, anyone with a text editor and a knack for fancy web coding set to work making the animated version that was so clearly required.

Stephen von Worley has made, I think, the nicest one. He calls it the Factor Conga. Sit back and enjoy the mysteries of the natural numbers as they dance their beguiling dance!


High Trestle Trail Bridge by RDG


Apples by Şakir Gökçebağ

Şakir has made many pieces which are pleasing to the mathematical eye. There’s plenty to see on his site.

Ferienne by Afiq Omar

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