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Yoshimoto Friends

Here’s a happy little film starring two Yoshimoto cubes, by Justin Lanier and Paul Salomon of Math Munch. Enjoy!

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Aperiodical Round Up 6 – It glides to a stop as it reaches the end of the power stroke

Hello. I’m Christian Perfect and it’s finally here: Aperiodical Round Up 6!

It’s certainly been a while since the last Round Up. You might not even have the words to describe just how long it’s been. Maybe the book Naming Infinity will help.

Origami Tessellations by Eric Gjerde

Origami Tessellations by Eric Gjerde:

Paper light shades by Lazerian

Paper light shades by Lazerian:

Origami masks and tessellations by Joel Cooper

Origami masks and tessellations by Joel Cooper: