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Quake hits London!

Overnight there was an earth quake. Oblivious, I managed to sleep through this, though plenty of people have talked about it today. There are seismologists scrambling to measure the quake and reports are giving values on the logarithmic Richter Scale. The suggestion that this quake was caused by an old fault in the East Midlands reactivating will need to be investigated. At the same time, insurance companies are working to respond to claims from customers who were affected and reports include the estimated cost of the earthquake to the country. Lots of mathematics going on today, then. The BBC have a good round up on UK earthquakes and the cost of the earthquake.

Despite the earthquake being centred around Market Rasen in Lincolnshire, on my arrival in London this morning the headline on the newspaper stand was “QUAKE HITS LONDON”. Shocking!

I was in London to attend the IMA Executive Board, where I presented my ideas for the University Liaison work in a report. I am much relieved to have received the kind words and encouragement of the members of Executive Board and feel much more confident of my plans. I will resist the urge to quip some suggestion that my work will be a shake up of similar proportions!

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