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Bread & Kisses

bread and kisses

Bread & Kisses is a short film by Katherine Fitzgerald about a mathematician who discovers love – I know, I know, you’ve heard this one before – but it also contains a mathematician who moves to the Alps to get more skiing in, so it’s the most realistic film about mathematicians ever. It also features the emotion of love in a star turn as an epsilon term.

Although it contains the line, “you forgot the most important ingredient: love”, so don’t get your hopes too high.

Mr. Maths is struggling with a proof. He signs up to a baking class because an Attractive Woman tells him to. In the process, he learns to loosen up and not overthink or something.

Or, in the words of the producers:

A lonely mathematician, struggling to solve an equation finds a solution in an unexpected way – by taking baking classes.

The two women who teach him awaken his senses, rekindle his zest for life and show him the value of balancing his head with his heart.

Because maths is about balancing equations, amirite?!?!

It came out in 2010 but just appeared on my radar recently. Maybe it’s only just been uploaded to Vimeo. Thanks to that, you can watch it here. It’s pleasant enough.

via Luis Guzman on Google+

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