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Manchester Mathsoc Ball

baloons and IMA sign at Mathsoc Ball
Today I attended first hour of the University of Manchester Mathsoc Ball. The Mathsoc recently made a successful application for a grant from the IMA to support their activities. I did some mingling and gave a short speech though I’m not sure most people could hear me in the large hall.

The students had printed a large banner with “Sponsored by the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications” on it. This is a brilliant investment, since every Mathsoc event next year will have the same banner at it and this should produce a real awareness of the existence of the IMA amongst students at Manchester. Below is a close-up picture of the banner and a picture of the Mathsoc President Jonathan Emberey and I.

banner; reads: Sponsored by the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications
Jonathan Emberey and Peter Rowlett

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