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Hold the bandwagon, I want to get on

I have been considering for a while the phenomenon that is Twitter. The BBC programme (or podcast) Digital Planet this week described it as: “until relatively recently, Twitter, where people just decribe what they’re doing in 140 characters or less was a rather niche, almost geeky thing” but it is now hitting the mainstream with celebrities and several people I know now using it. As a bone fide geek I have been following the development of Twitter for a while but haven’t quite taken the plunge. Now it is really taking off I have decided to give it a go for a trial period. (Or a trail period – one of the groups in my maths skills class at Nottingham Trent wrote in their project plan they would approach the problem in the first instance by “trail and error”. As my officemate quipped, “they’ve got the error part right”).

So from now and for now as well as my website, blog, podcast and pages on Facebook, LinkedIn, MySpace and YouTube, I will now also be tweeting via

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