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Podcast: Episode 24 – John Sharp, Maths and Art

These are the show notes for episode 24 of the Travels in a Mathematical World podcast. 24 is the only number that is the product of all the numbers less than its square root. More about 24 from Number Gossip.

This week on the podcast we hear from John Sharp of the London Knowledge Lab who talks about his work in mathematics and art. John has some excellent resources on his Flickr page “dsliceforms” and on his YouTube channel “dsliceforms”, including the video below on Sliceforms.

There is more detail on the Bridges Conference at the conference website. You can find out more about the Maths-Art Seminar series on the London Knowledge Lab website. Details for the Journal of Maths and Art are available from Taylor & Francis.

If you can, please help to promote the podcast. You can help promote the podcast by pointing people to There is a poster/flyer to advertise the podcast: poster in A4 format; poster in A5 format.

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