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Podcast Episode 26: Chris Budd, Confessions of an Industrial Mathematican

These are the show notes for episode 26 of the Travels in a Mathematical World podcast. 26 is the only integer to be sandwiched between a square and a cube. More about 26 from MAA NumberADay.

A while ago I attended the launch event of a new IMA Branch, the West of England Branch. At this spoke Professor Chris Budd of the University of Bath and also Professor of Mathematics at the Royal Institution of Great Britain, who gave his view on the shape of applied mathematics in the 21st Century and this podcast episode was recorded just prior to his talk. There is a wealth of information on Chris’ work in industrial mathematics and in popularising the subject on his website. The talk Chris gave to the West of England Branch was based on an article he wrote for the IMA publication Mathematics Today, which is available through his website: “Confessions of an Industrial Mathematician“.

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