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Podcast: Episode 29 – Noel-Ann Bradshaw, Evolutionary algorithms for financial applications

These are the show notes for episode 29 of the Travels in a Mathematical World Podcast. 29 is prime, the 29th power of two is the largest power of two to have all different digits. More about 29 from Prime Curios.

Regular listeners will know Noel-Ann Bradshaw as the regular contributor of the maths history features on the podcast. Noel-Ann is a PhD student at the University of Greenwich and this time we hear from Noel-Ann about her research.

You can read a reasonable overview of evolutionary algorithms at Wikipedia. There is an introduction to the portfolio selection problem, portfolio optimisation demo and example of a mathematical formulation at Northwestern University. You can find out more about working in the areas touched on by this episode by looking at the finance career profiles, IT and computers career profiles and postgraduate study sections of the Maths Careers website.

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