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Turing apology

With the news that Alan Turing has received an official apology from the government over the terrible treatment he received due to his homosexuality quickly vanishing into the distant past, I decided to dig out a couple of photos I took on a visit earlier in the year. I ran a stall at a postgraduate conference at the University of Surrey. The University is in Guildford where Alan Turing lived as a child and he is honoured by a bronze statue outside the Austin Pearce Building where the conference took place. My photo of this and the corresponding plaque are below:

Alan Turing Statue

Read the apology on the Number 10 website, watch a BBC News video giving some background and listen to a short piece from the Today programme. You can read “How Alan Turing Finally Got a Posthumous Apology” by petition organiser John Graham-Cumming.

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