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New Maths Building

When I started at Nottingham, I was told my office arrangements would only be temporary as we were looking to build a new building. Now that I am leaving (didn’t know? You haven’t been listening to the Math/Maths Podcast!) I will not, after all, be moving to this building. Building work has started, though. Here’s a picture:

New maths building site at Nottingham

They’re extending an existing building (IESSG), although I think the extension will be substantially bigger than the existing building.

This means Nottingham will follow several other recent moves by UK mathematics departments into new buildings. Off the top of my head, there’s Cambridge (2000-2003), Heriot-Watt (2005), Nottingham Trent (2005), Manchester (2007), Bath (2010), and upcoming at Oxford and Bristol. There are probably others I’ve forgotten.

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  1. Avatar Christian Perfect

    Newcastle moved into a new (well, second-hand) building about three years ago. They’re still building it though – it is not a quiet place this summer!


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