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Things to do in London on a Tuesday

Next Tuesday I will spend a day off in London. I am asking people to offer suggestions for things I could do with my time by adding pins to this Google Map: PR’s Day Off. A few people have already added their suggestions but it would be great to hear more.

View PR’s Day Off in a larger map

Load the map, then you need to log in with your Google Account then a big red edit button should appear and you can add a pin. The description I put on the map:

Ground rules:
Date is Tuesday 21st Feb.
Free or low cost. It’s expensive just to get to London.
I have a zone 1 & 2 tube card.
Train times are non-negotiable (fixed tickets).
I am going on the Maths in the City tour.
All else is up for grabs.
Make suggestions for places to go and things to see by putting pointers on the map. Explain why and give timings and a link if appropriate.
For timed events: Remember to allow enough time for travel (for someone who doesn’t know where they are going).
Please don’t delete other people’s entries. If you disagree, by all means leave a comment to say so but don’t delete something you haven’t put there.

If you can’t get the Google Map to work please leave your suggestion in the comments of this blog post.

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