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Mathematics Matters – a Parliamentary view of the importance of mathematics

A new post on the Institute of Mathematics and its Applications (IMA) blog by Noel-Ann Bradshaw outlines a seminar “Mathematics Matters” on 15th March 2012, hosted by the Parliamentary and Scientific Committee in collaboration with the Council for Mathematical Sciences with the aim “to promote the role played by mathematics and mathematicians in society”.

Noel-Ann notes that Prof. Sir Adrian Smith said the government is “well aware of the importance of mathematics and the part it plays in key national and strategic priorities” and says that “it was pointed out that whilst maths is becoming a more popular subject to study at university we are still not producing enough graduates to satisfy demand”.

The blog posts gives a description of talks and discussion points from the day, which included talks on media use of statistics, cryptography, epidemiology, imaging and a discussion of the issues affecting mathematics.

Read the full details over on the IMA blog “IMAMATHSBLOGGER”: Mathematics Matters – a crucial contribution to the country’s economy.

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