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Saharon Shelah has written more than 1000 papers

From David Roberts on Google+:

Saharon Shelah, the well-known Israeli set-theorist and logician, has passed 1000 papers!

The page was updated with a rush of almost twenty papers, taking him over the line. Notably, paper #1000 is not listed. +Richard Elwes and I were wondering what the topic of this (rather artificial) milestone paper would be.

Every now and then, when finding a citation for a paper, you come across one of these giants of prolificacy and their unreasonably long lists of publications. It makes me wonder why I don’t just give up and let them discover all the maths.

Shelah was the first recipient of the Erdős Prize and he is certainly following in the great man’s footsteps – though he’s still got a way to go before he can think about beating Erdős’s approximately (can’t blame him for losing count) 1525 publications.

One Response to “Saharon Shelah has written more than 1000 papers”

  1. Avatar David Roberts

    This is a bit late, but for those interested, Shelah has an Erdős number of 1. I find it mildly ironic that the modern master of transfinite arithmetic collaborated with the one of the modern masters of (most often finite) combinatorial problems.


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