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Sir Michael Atiyah and Cédric Villani talk at Tate Modern

Sir Michael Atiyah and Cédric Villani, Fields medallists, holders of a frankly embarrassing number of other awards, and highly entertaining speakers, will be having a conversation “to explore mathematics and topology” at Tate Modern, London, on June 2nd, following a screening of the film Au Bonheur des Maths.

Au Bonheur des Maths was commissioned for the extremely well-reviewed exhibition Mathematics, A Beautiful Elsewhere by the Fondation Cartier in Paris, and “simply yet powerfully portrays nine mathematicians (including Atiyah and Villani) who explain their passion for mathematics”.

This event is the penultimate item in Tate Modern’s Topology series of talks and lectures.

Sorry we were so late to pick up on this; the series looks amazing. If you’re in London on the 2nd of June and have the £15 entry fee, it looks like a good bet for a fascinating evening.

Along with the Intersections exhibition at the Science Museum, it seems that art and maths are very much part of the zeitgeist.

Information: Mathematics, A Beautiful Elsewhere at Tate Modern

Source: Timothy Gowers on Google+

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