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New UK economic and social data service to launch in October

The UK Data Service, due to launch on 1 October 2012, is funded for five years by the Economic and Social Research Council (ESRC) and aims to “support researchers in academia, business, third sector and all levels of government” by providing “a unified point of access to the extensive range of high quality economic and social data, including valuable census data”.

According to its announcement, this will

integrate the Economic and Social Data Service (ESDS), the Census Programme, the Secure Data Service and other elements of the data service infrastructure currently provided by the ESRC, including the UK Data Archive.

ESRC’s Chief Executive, Professor Paul Boyle is quoted saying:

The UK Data Service represents a significant step forward in our strategy. As data are the lifeblood of research, our aim is to consolidate resources in a way that expands both the reach and impact of these vital investments. It will become a cornerstone for UK research; the place to go for high quality data and support.

Find out more about the aims of the service and how it will be governed via the ESDS news item: Announcing the UK Data Service.

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