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Follow Friday, 21/9/12

Since all the cool kids are using Twitter these days, this is the first in a sporadic series of Twitter recommendation posts which will tend to take place on Fridays. If you’re not on Twitter, feel free to use this as a source of interesting facts and links, but if you are, I’ll post tweets here from users I think it’s worth following (with associated qualifications).

1. @TopologyFact

Along with @algebrafact@probfact@statfact and @analysisfact, this twitter feed provides a daily M-F maths fact for your delectation, ranging from a simple statement of a theorem to an interesting link. As a topologist, this is clearly my favourite, but all the feeds are run by @JohnDCook, who also runs several other feeds for different subjects, listed here, including @compscifact and the magnificent @regextip and @textip.

2. @MathsJam

If you’re into maths puzzles and toys, the feed at @MathsJam includes messages from all the international Tuesday night pub meets (for more info, see, and as long as you don’t mind it exploding into action one night a month, it’s full of interesting stuff and photos of people enjoying themselves. Possibly also worth a try: searching Twitter for ‘mathsjam’, since this will turn up anyone else talking about it (although as a warning, also a number of spoilers for the puzzles).

3. @haggismaths

Edinburgh-based maths fan and sheep Haggis tweets interesting links and sheepy adventures in the world of maths and outreach, as well as superbly blogging here. Haggis is also a regular at the Edinburgh Maths Jam. Join us again in an unspecified number of weeks for another Friday round-up of Twitter goodness!

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