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The Mathalicious weekly video series has launched

You may remember Math52, a Kickstarter project from Mathalicious which reached its goal in June. This promised, “every week for a year we’ll create a short video exploring a unique application of math in everyday life”. Now the Mathalicious video series has launched with two videos, both less than two minutes in length, available via YouTube.

The first video, Tip Jar, explores tipping in restaurants.

When we go out to eat at a restaurant, it’s customary to tip as a percent of the total bill. But is this fair? And what are some other ways we might pay waiters & waitresses?

The videos are snappy and nicely produced. The Mathalicious website offers free lesson plans and materials to support the video in the classroom.

YouTube channel: Mathalicious: the Video Series.

One Response to “The Mathalicious weekly video series has launched”

  1. Avatar Christian Perfect

    These are really good, and it’s great to have some discussion of maths as it relates to social justice. I also like the Jurassic 5-sounding theme tune at the end.


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