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Follow Friday, 16/11/12

Who’s really good at the internet? I mean, really? Do any of us have a handle on that crazy pile of ones and zeroes that sucks away so much of our leisure time while simultaneously providing us with access to all of human knowledge at the click of a button? In another misguided attempt to help us all clamber on top of the ever-increasing pile of data and facts (and opinions), here’s some more recommendations of who to follow on Twitter, and some links and funny things they have recently Twittered.

 1. @pkrautz

Peter Krautzberger, of and generally being mathematical on the internet, tweets maths-related blogging news and other interesting stuff. He also retweets the Aperiodical a lot, so clearly a man of taste.

2. @MarcusduSautoy

The Twitter feed of lovable cheeky maths monkey Marcus du Sautoy is full of bits of maths and Arsenal news, as you would expect. Also: whatever random outreach stuff he’s doing this week.

3. @vihartvihart

Not just good at talking fast in YouTube videos and making the whole internet fall in love with hexaflexagons, Vi Hart also has a Twitter account and uses it to post her new maths videos and other stuff, like her mildly controversial opinions on breakfast.

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