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Matt Parker’s Twitter Puzzle – 12th Nov

Matt Parker, the internet’s own number ninja, has tweeted the following maths nugget:

Of course, the other version he’s tweeted, seen below, is going to be much more retweeted around the internet. But hey ho.

No spoilers in the comments please – keep your enjoyment of maths strictly to yourself.

2 Responses to “Matt Parker’s Twitter Puzzle – 12th Nov”

  1. Avatar Richard

    suppose your number was 1001 (ie 7*11*13) then it is not true, is there some other requirement for the puzzle? further we could say that the puzzle will fail for any multiple of 1001. As for the second consider someone born in 7/2002.

    • Avatar Sol Lederman

      For the second puzzle I think date refers to the day of the month. So, someone born on 7/8/2002 would multiple 7 and 8 together. I don’t think the year factors into the calculation although the trick would still work with year unless year*month*date is a multiple of 1001.

      The two tricks could be fixed by saying the sum of those decimals is always 27 or 0.


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