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The Joy of $x$, by Steven Strogatz

Steven Strogatz has written a book based on his series of columns for the New York Times, The Elements of Math. The book’s called The Joy of $x$, and Steven’s recorded a trailer for it. I bet he hopes the trailer will convince you to buy the book.

[youtube url=]

That trailer’s got it all! A jazz soundtrack, a cool dude, a surprise moustache; everything. It makes a compelling case1.

There’s also a video of the outtakes from the trailer:

[youtube url=]

The book has an info page at its publisher’s site, and Steven Strogatz has his own personal site too. Strogatz’s current NYT series, Me, Myself and Math, “looks at us through the lens of math”.

Although the publisher’s SRP is $27, Amazon are currently selling The Joy of $x$ for $15.84/£11.47 in hardback and $12.94/£8.15 in Kindle format.

  1. Eagle-eyed Aperiodipals will notice that Steven writes his $x$ the incorrect, American, way. []

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