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Keith Devlin’s 5-week survey of maths course is on YouTube

Keith Devlin making the invisible visible

Keith Devlin, of enormous maths MOOC fame, tweeted that his survey course Mathematics: Making the Invisible Visible is now available on YouTube. Until now, it had only been available through iTunes University.

The course consists of five two-hour lectures, delivered over five weeks. Like Keith’s MOOC, it’s an “intro to maths for grown-ups” course to get people engaged in the subject.

Often described as the science of patterns, mathematics is arguably humanity’s most penetrating mental framework for uncovering the hidden patterns that lie behind everything we see, feel, and experience. Galileo described mathematics as the language in which the laws of the universe are written. Intended to give a broad overview of the field, these five illustrated lectures look at counting and arithmetic, shape and geometry, motion and calculus, and chance and probability, and end with a mind-stretching trip to infinity.

Mathematics: Making the Invisible Visible on YouTube.

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