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Math Munch is something to chew on


Math Munch is a groovy website run by three groovy people from the USA. Imagine this site, but less presumptuous about your mathematical schooling and run to a strict weekly schedule. Each week’s post contains a few links to interesting maths things and an interview with a person of mathematical interest, all on a chosen theme. They’ve been running a sharing campaign for the past few weeks to try to attract more people to their site; since I’ve been enjoying Math Munch for quite a while now, I thought I’d help out with the campaign and point you towards it.

Recent posts have talked about tilings, Temari balls, map projections, and Yang Hui’s triangle (better known as Pascal’s). The writing is designed to inspire an interest in maths in anyone of any age. So even if you’re one of the super-cool people who sends corrections in to this site when we get an off-by-one error in a complicated equation, it’s good to know about Math Munch – the next time a friend or relative asks you where they can find interesting maths that they’ll be able to understand, you can point them thither.

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