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Eugenia Cheng is at it again

cheng pizza studyDr Eugenia Cheng, category theorist, has accepted some money from Pizza Express in return for writing some nonsense about pizzas.

This doesn’t really merit a post here, apart from to point out that Dr Cheng very scrupulously denied taking any kind of payment the last time she got a “formula for the perfect X” story in the papers, linked to a clotted cream company.

Read: On the perfect size for a pizza, by Eugenia Cheng

via MetaFilter.


2 Responses to “Eugenia Cheng is at it again”

  1. Avatar Katie Steckles

    It’s interesting that having done a clotted cream thing for no payment, she’s presumably now getting approached by other companies to do maths things. To be fair, she’s by no means the only/worst culprit for this, and at least it looks like she’s thought about the maths for more than 2 seconds, but it’s still not superb.


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