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NT matters (Wrapping up algebraic numbers)

Aperiodipal Nathan Barker sent me this video by Durham University’s Herbert Gangl, inspired by his number theory course last year.

[youtube url=]

I’ll never be able to think about algebraic numbers again without hearing this. Thanks, Herbert! No thanks, Nathan!

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  1. Avatar Christian Perfect

    Nathan also sends in this festive ditty:

    On the twelfth day of Christmas, my true love gave to me…
    12 ODEs
    11 Chiral knots
    10 Mersenne primes
    9 Vector fields
    8 Eigenvectors
    7 Spirolaterals
    6 Tensors tensing
    5 Golden ratios
    4 Peano curves
    3 French Metro metrics
    2 Riemann spheres
    And a textbook on number theory.


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