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We’re Stuck! Help develop mathematical theatre

Just when you thought you’d seen enough mathematical theatre projects, here’s another one. We’re Stuck! is an Arts Council funded piece of interactive theatre aimed at children aged 7-12 and their families. The project will explore the idea that getting stuck is part of doing maths, and not something to be feared. The aim is to promote the idea of persisting with maths, even when it’s difficult – and they’re looking for your help!

The project is being developed by educational charity Maths on Toast, in collaboration with director Sarah Punshon.

The team behind the project is looking for help from people who use maths in their daily work. They need answers to five short questions about your approaches to tackling maths problems, what you do when you get stuck, and your motivation in doing maths. If you’re interested in helping – they’re particularly looking for people who work in science and use maths as part of their work, as well as mathematicians – details are below.

  • If we were watching you busy solving a maths problem, where would you be and what might we see you do? (don’t be afraid to state the obvious!)
  • What kinds of things do you do when you’re faced with a problem you can’t immediately see how to tackle?
  • How do you feel when you get stuck on a problem?
  • Can you remember an early time when you found a maths problem very challenging? Tell us a bit about that experience.
  • Why bother? What motivates you to solve maths problems?

Email your answers, and any other questions about the project, to Alexandra at

More information

Maths on Toast Website

@mathsontoast on Twitter

Sarah Punshon’s website

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