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Relatively Prime podcast series 2 Kickstarter

Friend of the Aperiodical Samuel Hansen has launched a Kickstarter to fund a second series of his maths podcast Relatively Prime. The first series was successfully funded in 2011 and consisted of eight hour-long episodes telling “stories from the mathematical domain”, including interviews with Tim Gowers, Matt Parker, David Spiegelhalter and more.

For the second series, we’re promised between eight and sixteen further episodes (depending on how much money is raised) if the Kickstarter raises at least $15,000 by October 21.

Sam has made this rather impressive video to set out his pitch:

You can listen to the first series at or using your favoured podcasting technology. And if you want to help make more happen you can contribute to the Kickstarter.

More information

Relatively Prime

Series 2 Kickstarter

Relatively Prime, all in a name – guest blog post written here by Sam about the podcast.

2 Responses to “Relatively Prime podcast series 2 Kickstarter”

  1. Avatar Grace

    This is so exciting!!! I love Relatively Prime, and all things math and/or podcast. I’ve actually been listening to the back-episodes of math/maths and was just thinking the other day that I wish there was more Relatively Prime in the world. Good luck Samuel Hansen!


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